[V3dot10] [Q] Removing obsolete Players on a crowded image

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Jan 22 19:34:21 UTC 2007

Am Jan 22, 2007 um 19:52  schrieb Edgar J. De Cleene:

> El 1/22/07 1:19 PM, "Bert Freudenberg" <bert at freudenbergs.de>  
> escribió:
>> This should actually be accomplished by the cleanUpEtoys method. It
>> looks like it got out of sync with Object  
>> class>>categoryForUniclasses.
>> - Bert
> I should re begin my Deutsche learning ... its closer to Smalltalk  
> what
> English or Spanish

Really? I always thought English grammar  well fits woth Smalltalk  
syntax. In German, as well as Spanish, you have all these special  
rules depending on gender and case, forms change in seemingly  
arbitrary ways, you get all kinds of suffixes etc. Where as in  
English you can get away with rather simple rules.

- Bert -

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