[V3dot10] Prototyping an autobuild system

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 23 05:19:16 UTC 2007

On 2007 January 21 12:44, Keith Hodges wrote:
> > I don't understand what the purpose is.  Is this for testing proposed
> > changes to the standard image?  If so, it seems like overkill.  Can
> If you are working on your own to change just your image and test it
> then yes it is overkill.
> When a bug fix in the base of 3.9, effects, 3.9-stable 3.9-unstable
> 3.9-dev, 3.9 full and 3.9-bloated, then it is nice to have someone else
> do all the work for you.

Let me ask a question only marginally relevant to the multiple images you 
mentioned. I assume the release process has to have a defined workflow of how 
to validate fixes. It seeems to me a fix would not be tested after it is 
applied, but after a Package or several Packages (Monticello packages) 
affected by the fix are reloaded. My thinking of the workflow 
	1) Take "current" image 
	2) Load into "current" the Packages that are potentially affected by the fix 
+ any dependent Packages 
	3) Apply fix to the image  
	4) Export the fixed (affected) Package(s) 
	5 Take "current" image again (as in Step 1)
	6) Load into "current" the packages that were affected by the fix (they 
include the fix now) + any dependent Packages  (as in Step 2, except Packages 
now contain the fix)
	7)  test the image. 
It this wrong? If it is correct, it seems that we do not need to apply fixes 
and test them against multiple images, if the above process fails 
for "current image base" but succeeds against "current image bloated" we have 
a dependency problem rather then a problem with the fix... Sorry this is 
probably unrelated to what you ment...
> > Many images will not have a GUI so you won't be able to
> > have TestRunner open anyway.
> Hence TextRunner from SSpec, is my proposed candidate for when
> TestRunner has no GUI. This would work well with REPLServer.

The no-gui situation seems valid, there seems a need for tests to function 
without GUI, can we redirect/copy test results into a log file, or even 
better, have a "TestResult" class in the image, that can be inspected without 
GUI present?


> best regards
> Keith
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