[V3dot10] [Q] About updates, take 3

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jan 24 16:05:09 UTC 2007

El 1/24/07 12:11 PM, "Ralph Johnson" <johnson at cs.uiuc.edu> escribió:

> I tried the update from a 3.9 image with very little extra in it, and
> it worked.  I liked the look of the background.  Calm, yet
> distinctive.
> I wonder, though, whether it is a good idea to have updates that
> delete things?  We don't have a check for whether there are any users
> of those things.  I'd be a lot happier to delete things from someone
> else's image if we first checked to make sure that they were not used.
>  I suppose that is why we tell them to save the image first.
> -Ralph
It's not the first time what image shrinks.

Was made before.

And all times we could upgrade to new release from old ones with some
projects made   into.

Maybe what it's needed is a [ANN] by you clarifying what.

1) This is a first major change in a direction of still more bold changes.

2) We wish easier the transition and I personal could help beginners, I was
in the beginners list.

3) They should know what things could break and decide of do the upgrade or
wait and download from a complete user ready image, like what some people
are testing remote now.

If you agree , I put the complete image into servers. If not, I reshape all
until you approve.

Waiting for go to servers are :
7069 my proposal collecting different issues
7070 your MakeGreen

When the user do not could do the upgrade.
If he/she have Undeclared
If he/she have several Players subclasses with live instances into
He /she must transfer any Morph in World what wish keep to another project,
I could made a tutorial about this and some native English people could
remade later.



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