[V3dot10] needed tool

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 26 12:31:15 UTC 2007

> Thanks. Back to Squeak for a sec, because all code (class, method) is now
> separated to belong to exactly one Package, would it be possible (and let's
> assume first we are strongly typed in Squeak, so we know the receiver
> always), to write a program which,  by looking at senders and implementors,
> would generate a "package dependency graph"? Am I missing something
> substantial (I am sure I am :) ).

This would make a great research project.  I am not going to expect it
to be done before the end of 3.10, however!

The easier solution is tests.  Every package should have some tests.
When you test a package, you load all its prerequisites and run the
tests not only for the package but for all its prerequisites.  Thus,
you test that the package has the right set of prerequisites and that
it didn't break any of its prerequisites.

This does not figure out the prerequisites for you, but it tells you
when you make a mistake, which is a lot better than we are doing now.


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