[V3dot10] problems with tests

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Jul 3 10:28:49 UTC 2007

El 7/2/07 7:20 PM, "Ralph Johnson" <johnson at cs.uiuc.edu> escribió:

> I made a 7114 image and the first time I ran all the tests I got 5
> failures and 20 errors.  The second time I ran all the tests, the
> image crashed.
> Can someone else try running all the tests twice and tell me if the
> same thing happens?
> We really need to start cleaning up these tests.
> -Ralph

I cleaning all process.
For 7121 (the last) no red test. I said several times the red test comes of
Pavel original. I send modification to he and to this list. The slight
changes comes into 7121.

The failures are not consistent. I have a maximum a 10 , most Multilingual
and TTF related.
Also the "hanging" is not consistent, as I reported, sometimes the PC and
the Mac I use do not behaves in the same way.


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