[V3dot10] v3dot10 wrapup

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 4 15:19:26 UTC 2007

Dear Edgar,

10/10 for your enthusiasm...

I quote this from Colin Putney:

> Be careful, though. The class builder stuff it replaces is very old 
> and very solid. SystemEditor is brand new and pretty raw. I didn't get 
> as far as testing compilation, for example, so it's quite possible 
> that, say, class references aren't compiled correctly. It's going to 
> take a lot of testing and use before we can really trust it.
> Colin 
First of all if 415 loaded into your image first time then I count that 
as one success.

Secondly I reiterate my suggestion  that using this Monticello 415 which 
uses just the SystemEditor part of MC2  and this should be easier to get 
working than attempting to redo everything with an as yet incomplete MC2.

But note what Colin says, compilation , i.e. actually using 
SystemEditor, has yet to be tested, this was a surprise to me also.

This explains why MCPackageLoader2 is not enabled by default, i.e. it 
doesnt work (yet).
> Well , here my first horror story.
> To Ralph request, I was cleaning the complete building process for people
> just switching from 3.9 final into 3.10 and loading all updates.
> Is still not finished .
> So I load Monticello-kph.415.mcz and SystemEditor-kph.58.mcz into a fresh
> converted Squeak3.10alpha.7069.image and change the method as you said.
> I attach the walkback when I hit the updates button of Squeak flap.
> Could be worst try Monticello 2 when you have Monticello 415 and we have 311
> ,one hundred more versions for crashing on first attempt....
> And now ?
> Edgar
And now, lets see if someone more awake than I can iron out the bugs in 
SystemEditor. It looks like a great idea, and cleanly implemented, far 
better than my vain attempts at MCPackageLoader1b, should be much faster 
too. I think that some time spent on SystemEditor would be time well 
spent for the community.



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