[V3dot10] v3dot10 wrapup?

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 5 11:27:06 UTC 2007

I think Edgar said a few weeks back that he was ready for 3.10 to be
in beta phase.  So, it is now in beta phase.  We are just trying to
fix bugs, and improve tests. Edgar is trying to fix some problems with
the build process.  We have a lot of failing tests that need fixing.

The beta phase will be indefinite.  We'll end it when either a new
team gets announced or we get sick of it, whichever comes first.  I
hope the board will rescue us.

In fact, our alpha phase has been more like a beta phase.  Edgar took
a lot of things out of the image, but we didn't add much.  Almost all
of the issues that got added were bug fixes.

So, one could argue that we've been in beta for a long time, and that
now we are in gamma.

If you have a good automated testing process (which we don't have)
then there isn't much different between beta and gamma.


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