[V3dot10] Announcing new VersionsBrowser and source condensing

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Jul 26 05:12:33 UTC 2007

Maurice Rabb wrote:
> To be clear, I am NOT recommending using the source condensing stuff for 
> the V3.10 release.  However, just the new VersionsBrowser and new 
> ClassCoomentVersionsBrowser if the group finds it solid.  It works with 
> the source and changes files as they currently are.  It is simply a 
> replacement of the old VersionsBrowser.  It is a reader and does not 
> change the source files.

I think that's a good approach.

> Regarding the VersionsBrowsers, with only a few exceptions, I made no 
> changes to the core system.  I refactored a handful of method in 
> PositionableStream and SequenceableCollections, and provided associated 
> tests.  I also changed about ~half dozen methods that reference the 
> VersionsBrowser class, and simply "touched" a ~half dozen others to 
> force the recompiling of these methods.  The methods that reference the 
> VersionsBrowser are all over the system, so that is why there are so 
> many dependent packages even to it is just about a dozen call sites.

Are those changes to PositionableStream and SequenceableCollection 
really necessary? We really need to stop doing these pet-modifications 
of core methods for no other reason than "because we can". I'm willing 
to give your changes a good workout but since I'd be using it in Croquet 
I'm not going to take the risk of modifying PositionableStream and/or 
core collection classes.

   - Andreas

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