[V3dot10] loading scripts via package universes

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 27 14:43:12 UTC 2007

>> loading packages, then the PU will be unable to do a lot of its job.
>> It will be a step back to using file outs.
But fileouts are very useful!

I agree that it would be nice to have undo etc, but as I said before I 
believe that this can still be achieved with the use of SystemEditor  
and is motivation to get SystemEditor tested for real world use.

For scripts: I want to be able to put

download from: (Installer mantis bugFix: 474)

Into my universe should the need arise for a package to depend upon a 
fix, which they frequently do.

Then we have the information captured as to what "really" is needed for 
setting up an image in a given context. After all this is a 
'development' universe, one wouldnt expect it to be as refined and 
perfect as an end-user universe.

Secondly I can publish a package together with the "user interaction 
automation" e.g.
download from: (Installer ss project:'Seaside'; answer: '*config*' 
with:'admin'; install: 'Seaside2.8a1-kph.mcz').

Note, these are packages that I do not have control over the content.

Thirdly I can invoke different configurations/initializations of the 
same package.

I maintain that it should remain an option at the discrection of the 
universe maintainer.

best regards


p.s. In the long run I would like to this type of scripting stuff in my 
'bob' image builder/tester tool

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