[V3dot10] Maybe I could fix my own mitakes...

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Mon Jun 25 15:07:54 UTC 2007

Congratulations Edgar, this is indeed progress.

I see that you chose with a new 7109 to load newly created
Installer-Core-edc.87 which is a descendant of .85 with the correct UUID
and skips the problematic .86.  I think this is a reasonable solution
and once Adrian helps upgrade the version of SqueakSource on
source.squeakfoundation.org in a couple of weeks you can do any cleanup
you choose.

Also I see that you load EToys-bf.24 rather than the problematic 25 or

However, there are still some problems in my opinion.

1.  Also in 7109: 7109 itself adds or modifies a method of
ReleaseBuilder3dot10 and then loads a new version of the ReleaseBuilder
package.  When loading the ReleaseBuilder package Monticello gives the
user a warning that a package is being loaded over a modified version of
the package and the user must confirm that this is the desired action.
I think this is going to be confusing to some users but also it is my
understanding that if all is working properly that the update process
generally should proceed without any input from the user.

2.  Also in 7109: For reasons I'm unsure about it asks me to enter my
initials.  Again this is confusing and the user should not be asked to
do anything during an update.  At least there should be a clear
explanation whenever the user is asked to do something.

After that it went OK until 7115 which it could not load. That's because
on the server it does not have the proper permissions.  I would fix it
myself but perhaps you are in the middle of doing something with it
right now.  I'll leave fixing it to you unless I hear from you


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