[V3dot10] Re: [Bug] 0006839: #comeFullyUpOnReload: not sent to MorphExtension's otherProperties (anIdentityDictionary)

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Jan 7 13:29:10 UTC 2008

El 1/7/08 9:04 AM, "Klaus D. Witzel" <klaus.witzel at cobss.com> escribió:

> In sq3.10-7158dev07.10.2.image, see SqueakDebug.log at the bottom (same
> cause as Mantis 6839 report).
This is from Damien.
It's based before the "blue pill" ? If so, it's == changed by = , this image
don't should be used.

I know is confuse, by this I wish name 3.10.1 for people realize two
divergent branch and change color of 3.10 base (green is old , don't use ,
blue is last, no == bug)

> In your FunSqueak3.10alpha.4.image with connectors pre-loaded by you, also
> no problem.

So you was a good boy and put your shoes and grass for the camel ? (Regalo
de Reyes)

> VM: Win32 - [4062]a SmalltalkImage
> Image: FunSqueak3.10alpha [latest update: #1]'
yes, it's correct, I following Jerome suggestion as FunSquak have some
"glue" and some "enh" not full tested.

The idea is have relevant info about converting old and new packages.
Also my "iBridge" idea about taking projects (and Etoys as 3.10 and Fun have
it) from OLPC to 3.10 and back.

Still fighting :=)


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