integrating lukas textAnchor fixes

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Thu Feb 2 18:45:07 UTC 2006

Hi guys

I would like to integrate the fixes of lukas. Nobody reacted to his  
So my plan is to merge his  changes on the latest 6718 image.
Once this is done, it would be better than you take the packages as a  
basis for your future packages.

Tell me if this is ok. I would like to do that tomorrow.


>>> Subject: [FIX] TextAnchor
>>> The class TextAnchor (to allow Form's and Morph's in Text) is broken
>>> because the method #emphasizeScanner: is missing. Moreover I removed
>>> the unreferenced and as well broken subclass TextAnchorPlus. Then I
>>> also changed the CharacterScanner to properly render transparent
>>> Form's. This involves 4 mcz-files all commited to the 3.9 inbox:
>>> - Multilingual-lr.11
>>> - MorphicExtras-lr.10
>>> - Morphic-lr.63
>>> - Graphics-lr.17

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