we would like to integrate network

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Feb 3 17:59:03 UTC 2006

Hi cees

marcus told me that lot of elements were resolved or closed on network
so we thought that the network team had some items for us.


On 3 févr. 06, at 11:42, Cees De Groot wrote:

> Nope - nothing yet. My apologies for not pushing the team and/or not
> doing more work, but I'm in the middle of moving houses, officially
> homeless now and therefore staying at my mother's place. I wouldn't be
> a good guest if I would work every night, and regular work is already
> eating up more time than I would like...

I'm moving in June 2006 :) and continously before :) Welcome to the  

> So I fear that until I move into the new place (housewarming 8 april,
> everyone's invited :-)) I will be of little use w.r.t. pushing the I/O
> team to clean up Mantis...
> On 2/3/06, stéphane ducasse <ducasse at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:
>> integrate fast and often they said so we would like to try with 3.9
>> So do you have a version of network that you can push at us....

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