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stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Feb 4 19:27:16 UTC 2006

> stéphane ducasse puso en su mail :
>> Did you publish it in inbox and notify the v3dot9 mailing-list?
> I think so, and you could read
> Name: Nebraska-edc.7
> Author: edc
> Time: 25 November 2005, 9:44:32 am
> UUID: f77a081c-d7b9-4828-9bbb-6fbd4fa8ac23
> Ancestors: Nebraska-CdG.5
> Moving EToyCommunicatorMorph to Nebraska-Network-EToy Communications

But in that case this means that you should also have a new Morphic  

> Sorry
> but I don't understand.
>> Did the morphic team harvest the fixes of Yoshiki? Are they in
>> nebraska-edc.7
> No.
> The history here have to do with a subclasing what Juan and I try  
> to agree.
> (long discusion)
>>> 5) I don't see the means to actually use NebraskaWorldState. I  
>>> don't see the
>>> means to migrate existing instances between NebraskaWorldState and
>>> WorldState
> This class only should show in a particular case.
> I can't boring you with this long tale.
> The short is me finding a case where Nebraska blows any image from  
> 3.6 to
> date and sending the question of " when was the last image in what  
> Nebraska
> performs as designed" to list.
> At that responds Yoshiki, I contact he , and he guided to
> SqueakPlugin-dev.image and said I should pick the four .cs from his  
> update
> stream for proper work.
> And exactly this is what I do, test, send to Juan first and to you  
> recently.
> I know is confusing.
> And still all this do not resolve the ellusive case of when both  
> connected
> images do not have the same font set.
> At this I send a proposal fix to Yoshiki, but no answer yet
> Sorry if I'm have "the Magic Eye" and always find this obscure cases.

I suggest that you sync with the morphic team and that you send us  
the files that should be
integrated in 3.9. If they need.


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