About UUID test

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Feb 6 08:26:22 UTC 2006

hi john

do you have any idea how to solve the test

	| uuid |

	(UUID new asString last: 12) = (UUID new asString last: 12) ifTrue:  
	1000 timesRepeat:
		[uuid _ UUID new.
		self should: [((uuid at: 7) bitAnd: 16rF0) = 16r40].
		self should: [((uuid at: 9) bitAnd: 16rC0) = 16r80]]

I do not understand
this line exactly
	((uuid at: 7) bitAnd: 16rF0) = 16r40

I would like to start cleaning all the tests in 3.9 and only ship a  
green image.


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