Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Thu Feb 9 07:58:08 UTC 2006

On 08.02.2006, at 19:49, Michael Rueger wrote:

> Doug Way wrote:
>> (Or, you could leave the #Squeak3.8.1 tag before these 3.8.1  
>> updates and
>> insert a 6667UpdateTo381-mir.cs above that instead... either way  
>> would
>> work I guess.)
> We should tag the system 3.8.1 before the first update. So we  
> exactly know what people are talking about when referring to 3.8 vs  
> 3.8.1.
> Are we going to increase the 3.8.x every time we pst updates to 3.8?

I would say yes, patches should be batched, so ther will be not too  
many 8.x releases.


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