About diego changes

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Feb 11 10:08:34 UTC 2006

On 11.02.2006, at 11:00, stéphane ducasse wrote:

> hi guys
> I had a really good chat with diego (he cannot work the next two  
> weeks but after he will really try to see how to integrate his  
> changes).

Very good! I just was thinking about this... (when looking at Diego's  
great new book).

We should try to get everything else done till then (integrate  
squeakland, methodAnnotation, traits-fix,
another round of bug-fixes...).

I will work on 3.9 this weekend, and I plan to merge my TODO with  
stefs, have a look if there is important
stuff on mantis and so on.


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