about squeak size

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Feb 11 19:53:13 UTC 2006

What is important is not only to be able to remove code but to learn
what are the missing infrastructure.

For example, removing lot of classes was easy even in 2.8 or 3.0 but
you had the file list which had a lot of references to existing classes.
This is why the filelist registration was introduced this way when  
you unload
a package such as sound, then the file list does not have reference  
to obsolete classes
anymore. So this is really what I would like to learn from your  
What are the changes that we should do to help unloading code?


>> But marcus is right. However, shrinking 3.9 is possible and we will
>> start to do it slowly.
> No in 15 days
>> If you give a try at building shrink scripts for 3.9 we will have a
>> look at them.
>> I think that for 3.9Basic we should be able to arrive below 10Mb.
> Could start with my sending of how rip Speech, Balloon MMFlash.
> No idea how could shrink once what all interim stuff was cleaned as  
> Markus
> said, but 10 Mb seems razonable.
> Still waiting Yoshiki for unload Nebraska, but could rip anyway.
> If you look at list, I send a post to find someone what could adopt  
> that
> nice orphan and offer what if nobody wants it, I could take.
> Off course if Yoshiki agree
> This Monday , with students start to see how could have Nebraska on
> SqueakLight.
> And experimenting if works .
> You know what .cs and .mcz don't could used as exist today in a  
> system what
> don't have that "module" ?
> And what you have to edit via external Text Editor (BBEdit in my  
> case) for
> fix the class initialization order ?
> Edgar
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