Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Thu Feb 16 14:06:29 UTC 2006


Yet another 3.9a, fast #who first round:


- 0002345: Cannot open Workspace from world menu in MVC
- fixes to MC tests by Adrian
- CompiledMethod>>decompileTree deprecated
- String>>numArgs: for building selectors easily
- cleaned up unused old property code in parser
- first cut at a fast #who (see Changelog Kernel-md.92)
- cleanups in CompiledMethod (see Changelog Kernel-md.92)
- some first refactorings to not call #who

Name: Kernel-md.92
Author: md
Time: 16 February 2006, 2:18:22 pm
UUID: 938634c4-fd4e-49ca-8921-4be99275f270
Ancestors: Kernel-md.91

- remove MethodPropertie>>#propDict (leftover)
- Pragma>>#selector fixed to no call #who
- First cut at "fast #who"
      - CompiledMethod>>#methodClass now gets class from
        classbinging in the last literal
      - cm>>#selector searches this class
      - searchForClass/seachForSelector search like old #who
      - who fixed to use methodClass/selector. does return
        #(unkown unkown) when not installed. deprecated.
      - isInstalled: tests if method is installed.
      - methodRef fixed to not use #who
      - #decompileTree deprecated
      - #decompile now sets class / selector
      - #decompileString changed to call #decompile
      - Behavior>>#binding returns the association form
      - Behavior>>#basicAddSelector:withMethod sets class
        in method on installation.

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