Traits in 6724

Marcus Denker denker at
Sat Feb 18 12:29:03 UTC 2006

On 18.02.2006, at 13:25, Alexandre Bergel wrote:

>> yes, maybe we should include this. I haven't done it because it  
>> had some issues and because Daniel argued that it would make more  
>> sense to push forward the Traits OmniBrowser instead of hacking  
>> the old browser.
> I agree with Daniel, however, this change is really small, and does  
> not break existing code.
> I am eagerly waiting for the new Browser too...

I think we need at least a little bit of functionality in the old  
browser: I *need* to see if a method comes from a trait, and I need  
the ability
to see which of the many copies in the "implementors" list is the  
original. I already nearly destroyed my image by making a change
to a method in Behavoir, resulting in a copy, thus having that change  
not in Traits objects, thus breaking compilation of methods in Traits...

I think we don't need much in the standard browser, just some hint  
"this is a method from a Trait" and then, when doing "alt-m" a hint
"this is the one true original method".



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