xxxPlus classes in 3.9a

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Fri Jan 13 10:44:00 UTC 2006

Hi adrian

> Hi Stef
> What is the plan with these duplicated classes? I think, if you  
> actually want to use them in the future we would need to remove the  
> duplication as soon as possible. Already now all changes from  
> traits, I did not copy them to the ...Plus classes. In the near  
> future this will else be a mess because you would have to somehow  
> make diffs and move changes to these classes as well.
> For example I refactored Browser>>findClass to remove code  
> duplication with Utilities. But this method is duplicated a third  
> time in the system in the class ClassBrowserPlus. Also, the method  
> Browser>>potentialClassNames I wanted to remove but it is still  
> used by ClassBrowserPlus. Should I duplicate my changes on the Plus  
> classes?

I think that the community should really help there so for now I  
would removed them.
At least we can load them.

> I will soon come with a bunch of changes in different packages  
> which introduce compatibility changes (i.e., making condenseChanges  
> and related methods, or SpaceTally work properly with traits) and  
> the changes to the UI as discussed.
> Adrian

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