What are the pending fixes for VMMaker

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Fri Jan 13 20:14:27 UTC 2006

>> Hi tim
>> I'm quite in rush in this moment, but I would like to take some  
>> time to add the pending fixes for VMMaker or related.
>> Could you help me by sending me a list of issues (or mantis links)?
> Sure; sorry for the delay but you know what work can be like.

I'm an academic and this is well-know we are getting paied to do  

> Attached:-
> important
> VMM38-64bit-imageUpdates.1.cs - really ought to go into 3.8 update  
> stream as well as 3.9
> VMM38-gc-instrument-image.1.cs - ditto

Ok I will see and push these two.
But I really have enough to deal with 3.9a and I would like to avoid  
to maintain 3.8

> usefull cleanups
> RemoveLeftoverVMMbits-38b4.1.cs - cleans out some leftover vmm  
> methods that shouldn't be in the image
> WideStringPrimKill.1.cs - performance cleanup of left over string  
> rework.
> LocalePluginAddins.1.cs - change methods to make use of  
> LocalePlugin if it exists.
> Warning! I haven't had any opportunity to try these in a 3.9 image.  
> The first two won't be any problem since they add to classes that  
> shouldn't have changed.

I will try and let you know.
Thanks a lot.

> <LocalePluginAddins.1.cs>
> <RemoveLeftoverVMMbits-38b4.1.cs>
> <VMM38-64bit-imageUpdates.1.cs>
> <VMM38-gc-instrument-image.1.cs>
> <WideStringPrimKill.1.cs>
> tim
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