method annotations for 3.9

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Sun Jan 15 16:14:04 UTC 2006

if we have to recompile the complete image then
	- do you think that we will have some MC problems?
	- do you think that if would make sense to treat the _ as well (I do).
I will give a try to get some experience.


On 15 janv. 06, at 16:31, Marcus Denker wrote:

> Hi,
> I checked the annotation changes for conflicts with the latest 3.9.  
> Seems to be no problems.
> The changesets need to be filed in, one recompiles the image, one  
> is hand-reorderd...
> <>
> I will do a pass through all the entries on mantis some time next  
> week.. there are
> some important fixes, I think (e.g. one that makes opening any  
> window 40msecs faster,
> lots of small bugfixes, and so on).
> And there are a lot of overlaps for the compiler overrides... this  
> will be checked and
> updated soon, too.
>      Marcus

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