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stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Wed Jan 18 08:06:10 UTC 2006

On 18 janv. 06, at 08:43, Marcus Denker wrote:

> Hi,
> I did find a way to fix the annoations with the last amount of work:
> (but with editing the changesets in the stream...)
> I just added this method into the "recompile" changeset:
> !Encoder methodsFor: 'results' stamp: 'md 8/5/2005 16:58'!
> allLiterals
> 	(literalStream isKindOf: WriteStream) ifTrue: [
> 		self litIndex: nil.
> 		self litIndex: (self associationFor: class).
> 	].
> 	^ literalStream contents! !
> I will build a new 6713 based on that and will put it on ftp.
> We only need to make sure that we don't loose this method when
> doing the next mc-based update.

Ok do the following:
	change the cs.
	republish the modified package and udpate the script list (so that  
there is no dirty package in the image)
	remove my image and put yours
> The other change can be done purely in mc, as there are no instances
> of MethodProperties.
> Memory now looks now much better: the memory the cms use is bigger,
> as we have 2 slots more in 44.000 method-dictionaries. That's all.  
> With
> the new code that got added this makes 300k difference.
> I will do more harvesting in the evening.
>      Marcus

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