From MethodProperties to Pragmas

Marcus Denker denker at
Sun Jan 22 15:53:24 UTC 2006


I was too fast yesterday... I am sure that this is what I want, but I  
think we
should do another interation and get feedback from the Tweak people.

So as the stuff was not yet announced, I think about going back to 6717
for another round of bug-fixes / integration of externally managed  
and have a round of discussions with Andreas about if we can have  
that we all agree on.

I am sure that we want the semantics of what Lukas proposes, as the  
annotations-as-properties are just useless for everything but Tweak.

Slow process, but better, I think.


On 21.01.2006, at 21:54, Marcus Denker wrote:

> Hi,
> I did a 3.9a6719 with the changeset and the tests added.
> On 21.01.2006, at 15:05, Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> Hi Marcus,
>> attached you find the files to make both of us happy, hopefully ;-)
>> Some changes I did to your property code:
>> - moved #properties and #properties: to the private method-category,
>> they should not be called directly to avoid unnecessary allocations.
>> - removed MethodProperties and replaced with an IdentityDictionary to
>> avoid another indirection.
>> - #propertyAt:, #propertyRemove: now throw an exception if the  
>> element
>> is not available to conform to Squeak standards.
>> - if the properties become empty because of #propertyRemove:, the
>> dictionary is removed and replaced with nil.
>> - added nice comments to all the new methods.
>> Not much changes were necessary for the Pragmas, they are only
>> slightly slower than before. Else my old comments (to the parser)
>> still apply.

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