Building on VM osx 10.4

Alan Sibley alansibley at
Sat Aug 13 15:37:33 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

I'm a rookie VM builder -- I hope I've made an obvious and easy to  
spot error
in my configuration. I am seeing a substantial performance issues  
with my
build :(

When it initially comes up... it pegs the CPU for 4 or 5 seconds... and
clicking on windows is like watching paint dry. 1000000 timesRepeat: []
takes 3 times as long as 3.8.6Beta6.

a) I'm building on OSX 10.4 Tiger using the developer tools
b) I believe I have the latest source from the subversion server.
c) I have two patches from Tim Rowledge concerning VMMaker
d) I have all plugins built internally except (FFLPlugin,  
     LocalePlugin, Mpeg3Plugin, TestOSAPlugin) which are disabled.
e) I'm using the Squeak VM OPT target
f) I've got optimization set at O3
g) I checked and don't have profiling (-pg) turned on ;)

When I view the current Squeak 3.8.6Beta6 and my build under "Shark"
I see fairly different picture (I can describe more in needed).

Let me know what kinds of information to add to help track this down.

Thanks in advance,

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