Porting to Playstation2.

goran.krampe at bluefish.se goran.krampe at bluefish.se
Mon Feb 14 09:10:02 UTC 2005

Hi David and all!

"David Ryan" <oobles at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi vm-dev,
> As suggested on the squeak-dev mailing list, I should ask questions about 
> porting on this list.  As this list is still new, I hope there are people 
> listening. :)

Well, I am at least. :)

> My first problem.  Getting to the ports source on subversion.  I downloaded 
> tortoise SVN and tried to do a SVN checkout on the location 
> http://squeak.hpl.hp.com/svn/squeak/trunk

Just did such a checkout and it worked fine. I have no proxies etc, your
issue is most probably this:


> At two locations I got the response  REPORT request failed on 
> '/svn/squeak/!svn/vcc/default'  REPORT of '/svn/squeak/!svn/vcc/default': 
> 400 Bad Request (http://squeak.hpl.hp.com)
> Anyone suggest anything I might be doing wrong?  Either both my ISPs don't 
> have very badly configured smart proxies or I'm doing something wrong.  I 
> suspect the later.  If it is my ISPs, anyone have a snapshort archive I can 
> use?

Sure, I can fix one for you if all else fails. Mail me privately in that
> I'm attempting to checkout to the location c:\squeak\src which I think is 
> where VMMaker wants it?

VMMaker tool can be told where the src tree is.

> Thanks for any help,
> David.


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