Problem building from latest SNV & VMM

David T. Lewis lewis at
Fri Jul 8 18:03:16 UTC 2005


I can build and run 32 bit Intel Linux VMs from the source and image
posted in the ./dist3 directory. However, if I use recent platforms
source from SVN with recent VMMaker, I get a VM that has some kind
of problem apparently involving memory decoding or interpreting an
instruction stream.

I can occasionally get a small image to start up with this VM
(usually I get a crash related to one of the background processes
or to an incremental GC at startup), but once running the image
cannot accept text in a workspace, or apparently do anything else
related to interpreting an instruction stream (???).

When the VM crashes, it appears to always involve one of the
memory access functions (or macros as the case may be), but it
happens at various times after entering the interpreter, and I
have not figured anything out by looking at it under gdb.

Failures when the image is running may bring up debuggers, as
shown in the attached gif. These appear to be failures interpreting
a BlockContext and failures related to write stream positioning
in the compiler. Presumably this is related to the memory access
failures I see when the VM crashes outright.

Any ideas? Here are some artifacts of the failing VM/image:

world.3.gif is a screen dump of the minimal image after it has
successfully started, with some debuggers open.

sqMemoryAccess.h is a copy of the lightly hacked file I am using,
forcing use of the static inline functions rather than macros (it
also includes a couple of missing macros that are not being used
for purposes of these tests). contains some representative debug log
files that may give some clues as to what is going wrong.

I must be looking past something obvious, but I can't spot it.


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