VMMaker/Plugins newbee question

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Oct 28 19:20:32 UTC 2005

On 28-Oct-05, at 11:06 AM, Klaus D. Witzel wrote:

> Thank you Craig I just tested with #(BitBlt File FloatArray  
> Security Misc) and the 3.7.1 Win32 "build" no longer compiles (lots  
> of unrelated references, for example to JoyStick, DragAndDrop,  
> Socket :(
You will need the Bitblt in order to display and I think FloatArray  
is used in some common morphic methods and Misc has a lot of useful  
string scanning prims but Security should not be needed.
 From a compiling point of view *none* of the plugins should be  
needed; if the compiler/linker is complaining then something is wrong  
with the makefile stuff. I think that Andreas generally has stuff set  
up to compile plugins internally so that may be an indicator of  
changes needed in the makefile. On RISC OS I make all the plugins  
external and there are *no* compile interdependencies between VM core  
and any plugin. There should not be any for any platform.

I see that in the latest copy of sqWin32Intel. on my machine there is  
an explicit call to ioInitSecurity() which is completely wrong; it  
forces you to have the security plugin linked directly to the vm   
core. There simply isn't any need to do this. The plugin will get  
loaded and initialized when it is needed.
I also see a curious file called sqWin32Stubs.c which has a large  
number of function references straight into plugins - since I don't  
do Windows I have no idea what this could be for - but it does have  
#ifdefs you can turn off and they might help. You'll find many of  
them in sqWin32.h - look for the #ifdef MINIMAL.

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