VMMaker/Plugins newbee question

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Oct 28 19:55:17 UTC 2005

tim Rowledge wrote:
> I see that in the latest copy of sqWin32Intel. on my machine there is  
> an explicit call to ioInitSecurity() which is completely wrong; it  
> forces you to have the security plugin linked directly to the vm   core. 
> There simply isn't any need to do this. The plugin will get  loaded and 
> initialized when it is needed.

Sigh. We've had this discussion a couple of years ago already and 
nothing has changed since. So let me repeat what I explained to you back 
then: If you want to ensure that you can load an image in secured mode, 
you cannot wait until that image voluntarily loads the plugin (because 
it never will). You *have* to initialize the plugin automatically and 
you *have* to do that before the image is even loaded.

   - Andreas

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