New VMMaker/svn release

tim Rowledge tim at
Tue Jan 3 21:34:35 UTC 2006

On 29-Dec-05, at 12:00 PM, David T. Lewis wrote:
> Attachments (in zip file):
> platforms-win32-plugins-FilePlugin-sqWin32FilePrims.c.diff - Change  
> Win32
>     FilePlugin to use session ID from the interpreter rather than  
> generate its
>     own value (for consistency, and also so as not to break OSPP  
> for Win32).
OK, that is up to andreas - I couldn't commit it if I wanted to.
> platforms-Cross-vm-sqMemoryAccess.h.diff - Add missing memory  
> access macros
>     (the inline functions are complete, but some of the  
> corresponding macros
>     are missing).
OK, made the changes. Am I hallucinating or should we really make the
#define oopForPointer(ptr) ((sqInt)(ptr))
#define oopForPointer(ptr) ((sqInt)(ptr-sqMemoryBase))

> platforms-unix-vm-sqUnixExternalPrims.c.diff - Provide meaningful  
> console
>     error message if an external module (e.g. vm-display-X11) fails  
> to load.
That's one for Ian.
> - Add a definition to unix/ 
> config/
>     to #define SQAIO_H "sqaio.h" due to renaming aio.h to sqaio.h.  
> Permits OSPP
>     and AIO plugins to be backward compatible with older source  
> trees. (Note
>     to Tim: RiscOS uses a copy of aio.h in its platform tree,  
> should sqaio.h
>     be moved to Cross?)
Well, maybe it should.  I suppose if it is used by two or more  
platforms it makes a reasonable candidate for Cross. It is another  
posixy rather than ansi-ish file though.

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