Curious difference in behavior

David T. Lewis lewis at
Sat Jan 14 13:22:28 UTC 2006

On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 12:41:21AM -0800, Todd Blanchard wrote:
> I'm going back and forth between a Mac using the Unix VM and a PC  
> using the windows one quite a lot with the same image.
> I recently coded myself an infinite loop by accident and found that  
> the Windows VM has no trouble interrupting the execution and bringing  
> up a debugger to find the problem (using alt period) but the Unix  
> one, while it opens debugger windows when holding down cmd period,  
> still remains frozen and I have to quit the VM.
> Does anyone know why this is different and, more importantly, how we  
> might fix it?

This is Mantis #1041, which is closed on account of the fix being
in the 3.9 stream. But you probably don't have the fix in whatever
image you are actually using, so you can grab it from Mantis if
you need to (

Read the Mantis notes before installing anything. There are a couple
of versions of the fix corresponding to different vintages of Squeak.
SystemDictionary>>recreateSpecialObjectsArray gets changed, so you
should look at this method to make sure the patch is not going to
clobber whatever version of Squeak you are using.


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