Croquet VM issues

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Fri Mar 17 00:47:25 UTC 2006

Hi John -

Thanks for the information.

>> 1) GC improvements: 
>> Questions:
>> * What's the general status of those changes? The way I understand the 
>> discussion we had back in april, is that John did the adjustments to 
>> 64bit and then ... what?
> These were folded into the VMMaker in mid may 2005, waiting feedback 
> from others.

So is there a "current" VMMaker version that includes these? (I'm asking 
since when Josh sent the message lately you replied by pointing to a 
webpage with a few bits of loose code on there ;-)

>> Questions:
>> * On Mac and Unix, do we implement getSystemAttribute: -1 to return 
>> the full path to the executable?
>> * On Mac and Unix, can one read the executable while running Squeak? I 
>> need this to checksum the VM proper.
> Mmmm let me see, nope (-1) doesn't work, do you know if that works with 
> unix?

No, I don't know. The main thing is that I need a way of computing the 
checksum for the actual binary (not just a shell script which invoked 
the the binary somehow) and I would expect that getSystemAttribute: 0 
gives us the shell script, no?

> You should be able to read the vm file, although you should consider at 
> some point a vm could be marked as executable and not readable.

An alternative would be to require a primitive that gives us a build 
UUID but I'm trying to avoid that.

   - Andreas

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