Proposal: getSystemAttribute(1006) - build ID

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Wed Mar 22 19:02:44 UTC 2006

Andreas is talking about using a UUID which for all purposes is  
unique. The hassle for the VM makers is that they need to remember to  
change the string in
the callback when they build and publish a new VM, and also in  OSx  
add it to the bundle info.

On 22-Mar-06, at 10:42 AM, tim Rowledge wrote:

> On 21-Mar-06, at 2:47 PM, John M McIntosh wrote:
>> This is fine
>> Got source code...
> Well, and ideas on what exactly should be represented in this uuid?
> How assuredly unique should it be? If 'moderately' is good enough  
> then perhaps the compile-time would enough, though which of the  
> many times involved in compiling should it be; compile time of a  
> particular file, time the link finished...
> What needs to be considered to make a VM unique and in need of a  
> new uuid? If I generate a new set of stuff with VMMaker but nothing  
> actually changed in the code, does that count? I recompile a file  
> without regenerating it? I merely relink all the object files? What  
> if the relink was needed because a new library had to be bound in?
> Who wants to know the uuid and under what circumstances? On OSX it  
> would be potentially nice to make it accessible to the 'getinfo'  
> palette and probably M$ have copied much of that idea by now. It  
> should probably appear in a help dialogue/string/window.
> tim
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