[Vm-dev] Strange InvalidDirectoryErrors on Unix

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Apr 10 05:30:32 UTC 2007

Hi Folks -

I had an odd effect today and I'm wondering if other people might have 
seen something similar in the past. One of our Linux servers (which has 
been running happily for a week) has an update process running which 
every five minutes checks to see if there is new data on the disk and if 
so, updates itself from it.

Today, I noticed that it stopped updating itself and investigating 
showed that it hit repeatedly an "InvalidDirectoryError" when trying to 
update itself. Trying to understand what was going on I went into the 
system life via VNC and stepped through the update method and suddenly 
it started working again! No more InvalidDirectoryErrors, updating went 

I'm at a complete loss as what might have caused this error. 
Unfortunately (since I was doing it on the life system) I couldn't 
investigate the error condition closer but there is a possibility that 
directory service had been used from different threads. Anyone having 
any ideas? (the only thing I am certain is that attaching VNC was *not* 
what it made it working again - I saw the error while I was in there 
with VNC and it became working again after I stepped through the method).

Any help is greatly appreciated. So are similar experiences and 
workarounds for the issue. The server itself is running Fedora Core 4.

   - Andreas

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