[Vm-dev] Fwd: Compiling Squeak failed with VMMaker on Mac

Brad Fuller brad at bradfuller.com
Wed Apr 18 00:21:28 UTC 2007

tim Rowledge wrote:
> I wrote a little ReadMe.txt to put in the platforms directory. I added 
> it to my svn localcopy. I try to commit it and just get:-
> Adding         
> /Users/tim/Documents/Squeak/VMM3.8-64bit/platforms/ReadMe.txt
> svn: Commit failed (details follow):
> svn: CHECKOUT of '/svn/squeak/!svn/ver/1655/trunk/platforms': 
> authorization failed (http://squeakvm.org)
I've never seen a bang in the path. What does that mean?

If you do
# svn info
it'll tell you the repository root and URL. You could see if that 
corresponds to what you think it ought to.

> I have no idea whatsoever what I am supposed to do about that. It used 
> to work, but I have moved Macs recently so perhaps something got 
> fubard. If anyone can explain it would be most helpful.
> The file reads (just in case somebody else would like to add it)
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++
> ReadMe.txt for 'platforms'.
> This is the directory tree for the hand-written code, build 
> documentation, resources and makefiles for the Squeak VM. It is 
> maintained in an SVN repository kept at http://squeakvm.org.
> Other parts of the sourcecode are generated from within Squeak by 
> using the VMMaker application, which is available via the SqueakMap 
> Package Loader built in to Squeak.
> See http://www.squeak.org for information about Squeak, including how 
> to download it. See  http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/vmmaker for 
> information about the VMMaker application.
> Information specific to the different platforms supported by this set 
> of sourcecode should be found in the 'docs' directory inside the 
> subdirectories named for each platform.
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++
> tim
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