[Vm-dev] Building gold Mac flavour

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Wed Apr 18 14:13:59 UTC 2007

You'll need to define not-work.

I'll note I added the Exupery to the mac intel carbon vm in hopes  
that someone would actually try to make it
work, it passes about 90% of the Sunits. However no-one has bother to  
work on it, so it might get removed in
the future.

I believe I build the Exupery code as an internal plugin because it  
requires changes to the interp.c code anyway
so no point in making it an external plugin.

Let me fix up the issue with the npsqueak versus older NPSqueak.plist .
Likely I will use SVN to manage the issue that one would need to  
fetch an old rev of the source in order to build
the old plugin since that is the only way to support os-x 10.0, 10.1

Having someone build the browser plugin is likely a good test to  
ensure I've stuck all the pieces on the SVN tree

On Apr 18, 2007, at 5:47 AM, Mathieu Suen wrote:

> Yep already done but don't work either.
> 	Mth
> On Apr 18, 2007, at 2:36 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> Remove it, maybe?

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