[Vm-dev] Joys of Squeak-dev image, VM Compiling on MacIntel and Spoon remote OtherBrowsing

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Fri Apr 20 04:25:57 UTC 2007

MacPro OS X 10.4.9
Xcode 2.4.1
Squeak-dev-114-2, VMMaker 2.8b6.1, Squeak 3.8.15beta6U.app, and version 1657 of svn MacOS VM sources, and Spoon v2a12.

Downloaded http://www.squeakvm.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/ trunk version 1657 for MacOS

Ran squeak-dev-beta-114-2.image on Squeak 3.8.15beta6U.app

Loaded VMMaker 3.8b6.1 from dev image Universes.

Generated vm sources by following instructions in

Fought with Xcode wanting to use MacOSX10.3.9.sdk for ppc which was giving an error which was known and documented in the Readme.
Finally figured out what Xcode wanted so built universal app just using 10.4.9 sdk.

Couple issues:

Exupery references remain in sqnamedPrims.h and sqPlatformSpecific.h from svn version 1657, I just commented them out.

Notes said:
Info-NPSqueak__Upgraded_.plist was to be found in the Developer directory.
I could not find it so scammed a info.plist out of John's Squeak 3.8.15beta6U.app vm. Not sure what impact this has.

And much, much diddling about figuring out various things...

Finally got a build.  It's a lot smaller (3.9MB) than John McIntosh's Squeak 3.8.15beta6U.app (8.1MB), and it looks like it is a PowerPC one but at least it runs. I'll look into the Xcode build process some more.


Replaced interp.c with Craig's interp.c for Spoon, rebuilt and got a VM with Spoon client stuff.

Downloaded Spoon release 2a12.

Moved a copy of Flow plugin from within Craig's naiad.app package into a plugins subdirectory where the new spoon client compatible MacIntel universal VM was run from. Followed Craig's Spoon instructions for loading niaid.st and niaid.pr into the 3.10 image (Squeak-dev-114-2) running on the new VM.

Did the run spoon.app thing from Spoon.dmg (version 2a12), needs to be done twice if Safari is not running. Got Spoon processor running.

Followed instructions again in the Spoon client and lo! Got OtherBrowser browsing the Spoon memory running on processor.

Yay Craig!

Who do i get to sign my certificate? :)


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