[Vm-dev] Re: Joys of Squeak-dev image, VM Compiling on MacIntel and Spoon remote OtherBrowsing

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Fri Apr 20 05:02:29 UTC 2007

At 9:56 PM -0700 4/19/07, John M McIntosh wrote:
>On Apr 19, 2007, at 9:25 PM, Ken G. Brown wrote:
>>And much, much diddling about figuring out various things...
>>Finally got a build.  It's a lot smaller (3.9MB) than John McIntosh's Squeak 3.8.15beta6U.app (8.1MB), and it looks like it is a PowerPC one but at least it runs. I'll look into the Xcode build process some more.
>It should be a universal one, it's smaller because you are missing the plugin bundles, those add the extra 5MB.
>Look in the resource folder on a production VM for them. If you're having fun here with bundling you could ensure we can build all the plugins
>from the source tree, I doubt anyone has ever done that...

Well, I did in fact tell VMMaker to generate all the plugins internally except for
and TestOSAPlugin.

And at one point I told Xcode to clean itself before building.

In Activity Monitor it shows up as a PowerPC app, I'm not sure how to get it to do Intel.
Any tips where to start looking?


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