[Vm-dev] [Fwd: Unix VM segfaults w/ clipboard?]

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Apr 26 22:52:37 UTC 2007

[Oops, this went to the wrong list first]

Hi -

I've noticed this a couple of times now: When we run a Unix VM using
-headless and connect to it using VNC any attempt to copy/paste is
honored with a segfault. The VM output is this:

Segmentation fault

-1282466960 Clipboard>clipboardText
-1282468224 Clipboard class>clipboardText
-1282468316 ParagraphEditor>clipboardText
-1282484648 ParagraphEditor>cut
-1282485584 ParagraphEditor>cut:
-1282489428 ParagraphEditor>dispatchOnCharacter:with:
-1282489520 TextMorphEditor>dispatchOnCharacter:with:
-1282489612 ParagraphEditor>readKeyboard
-1282489704 TextMorphEditor>readKeyboard
-1282505636 [] in TextMorph>keyStroke:
-1282505728 TextMorph>handleInteraction:fromEvent:
-1282505820 TextMorphForEditView>handleInteraction:fromEvent:
-1282505964 TextMorph>keyStroke:
-1282506056 TextMorphForEditView>keyStroke:
-1282506148 TextMorph>handleKeystroke:
-1282506516 KeyboardEvent>sentTo:
-1282506608 Morph>handleEvent:

[... etc ...]

which seems to indicate that it's dying in the clipboard primitive. Any
ideas what might be crashing the VM and how to fix that?

   - Andreas

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