[Vm-dev] VM 4.2.1Beta Window version ?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Aug 24 10:41:33 UTC 2009

On 24.08.2009, at 12:29, jean baptiste arnaud wrote:

> Hi,
> Do you have any idea if a Window version for the VM 4.2.1 exist and  
> where i can find it ?

The equivalent is the latest at


Release numbers do not mean the same between platforms. The Windows  
3.11.3 VM is pretty much equivalent the 4.2.1 Mac VM, as is the unix  
3.10-6 VM.

<nag>except for resource directory support in the security plugin</ 
nag> ;)

In general, use the latest released VM for your platform.

- Bert -

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