[Vm-dev] issue to compile Win32 VMMaker source

jean baptiste arnaud jbaptiste.arnaud at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 14:21:09 UTC 2009


I would like to use VMMaker to build a custom VM, but i encounter some
I have success to build the src SqueakVM-Win32-3.11.3, and the VM work.

I install VMMaker,and generate *all internal*  win32 from the win32 platform
find to  "http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/trunk/platforms/win32/" then i
modify the makefile (platform Path, name , ...).
Finally i execute make , apparently that compiling all the plugin and crash
when remake "Squeak.exe" and return error 1.

do you have a advices ?


Arnaud Jean Baptiste
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