[vm-dev] Win32 and IA32ABI ...

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Wed Jul 15 23:02:23 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 08:04:33AM -0700, Andreas Raab wrote:
> Marco Schmidt wrote:
> >
> >Is there a semi-official win32 squeak-vm with support for AlienFFI? I'm
> >thinking about wrapping libcurl...  
> Someone shout put it into VMMaker (hint, hint ;-)

I'm not really up to speed on AlienFFI, but if there is anything that
is ready to be incorporated into the VMMaker package, I'll be happy to
do so.

On a related note, I'd like to get the classic FFI updated for 64 bit
platforms (*), which is clearly a [VM-Team] issue since it requires
coordinated updates to various platform sources as well as the VMMaker

My sense is that it would be smart to take this on prior to adding
AlienFFI to VMMaker, if only to prevent bit rot in the existing 64 bit
FFI patches. Does that sound right, or are these two (classic FFI and
AlienFFI) sufficiently independent that is does not matter?


(*) Patches are at http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7237. These may
have gone a bit stale, so I assume a few updates will be needed.

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