[Vm-dev] Unix VM closure enabled?

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 13:31:25 UTC 2009

On Saturday 18 Jul 2009 2:06:15 am Andreas Wacknitz wrote:
> /usr/local violates SysV specs. User compiled software should be  
> installed to /opt for SysV. /usr/local is only valid for BSD and Linux  
> systems.
This is true only if you are installing Squeak as a traditional Unix program. 
/usr was reserved for network wide shared files and sys admins did not want 
users modifying it. /opt was pretty much available to local host admins.

Squeak is quite well-behaved in that respect and can run pretty much from a 
subtree located anywhere (e.g. $HOME), even on volumes mounted with noexec. 
See Etoys-to-go for launcher scripts that override compiled paths. If you are 
experimenting with different vms, this is a good option.

FYI .. Subbu

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