[Vm-dev] os-x cocoa port versus iPhone

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Nov 16 08:20:04 UTC 2009

This week I hope to check in the OS-X cocoa port which is built on top of the original iPhone source tree. 

I'm afraid I might break a few things as I refractor things a bit for the OS-X version, versus the iPhone.

The original goal was to provide a common abstract class structure for the VM support api, then subclass or 
extend that for the iPhone VM, or the OS-X VM.  Based on this last year I built the IPhone VM. 

Now that I'm building the OS-X VM I find there are some invalid assumptions made in the abstract classes
centring around proper Areithfa Ffenestri support for OS-X.   The iPhone supports only a single window, (UIWindow)
technically it exists but you don't do much with it, other than instantiate it and add a UIView to it. 

On OS-X you can have multiple NSWindow's and the Areithfa Ffenestri  (HostWindow plugin) lets you 
deal with them, although there are multiple VM support api for example ioScreenSize which implicitly 
suggest you are dealing with the default window created at startup time, versus a window that is created later. 

In both cases we automatically instantiate the window from NIB files since Squeak by default doesn't 
invoke the  Areithfa Ffenestri call to make the window. 

Anyway sorting that all out might break the iPhone build, so I would suggest you work only upto 
isqueak.org source tree Revision: 108 
unless you with to experiment with a alpha/beta experience. 

I note once I reach a beta stage I will add the new source tree to squeakvm.org

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