[Vm-dev] iphone source tree check in

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Nov 16 19:55:59 UTC 2009

I've checked in all the os-x and iphone revisions to the isqueak.org svn tree. 

At this point you can build via SqueakPureObjc.xcodeproj an iPhone VM and a 64-bit OS-X
for reading a 32bit image. 

At this point the 64bit OS-X VM will read the 32bit image, read the unix args & environment settings, 
execute millions of instructions and render the graphics to the window. 

I have not added any interaction (mouse events, window events, keyboard events) yet. That 
will happen this week. 

Things to fix:

Resolving the HostWindow plugin api

The file name lookup logic has to properly deal with Finder Alias and unix symbolic links plus the flag we 
have to decide if the last component in the path should be resolved.  The flag in question is used by 
the delete file logic so that you can delete a symbolic or Finder Alias, versus the target of the link. 

Cursor logic is there but broken

I'm considering if I can make the app a NSDoc aware app where the image is document. However
the key point is how do we make the image execute the smalltalk save logic as a result of interacting 
with the standard document save logic.  

Sound api fixes have to enter the main tree since it's evident they don't work for 64bit apps. 

Considering what to do for the plugin loading code. 
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