[Vm-dev] Return a value from the image to the VM

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Nov 23 16:25:01 UTC 2009

Well the interpreter is written in a subset of smalltalk (called slang). 
In order to host on a platform you need to supply the basic hosting api routines. 

some documentation at

then most of the old docs on 
primitive writting 

On 2009-11-23, at 3:33 AM, Rob Rothwell wrote:

> Thanks, John!
> I DID manage to build a new VM from the C source code that is available; I have never yet GENERATED the source from VMMaker.
> I guess once I figure that out I'll have a place to start now.
> (I was poking around in the primitive table directly and recompiling!)
> I did find ioExit() in the C-Code, but when I loaded VMMaker, I only found it in InterpreterSimulator.
> What a lot to learn!
> Thanks again for pointing me towards and example,
> Rob

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