[Vm-dev] Re: SmallInetger as methods was not ready yet....now maybe?

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 19:50:25 UTC 2010

> >
> no, but these  methods usually should be fired only after you already
> determined that given oop is a compiled method,
> not a smallinteger or something else.
> But they do not. Let's take an example: literal: offset ofMethod: methodPointer
> sender: methodClassOf: methodPointer
> sender: superclassSend
> sender: doubleExtendedDoAnythingBytecode and singleExtendedSuperBytecode
> did I miss something?

I have the impression that it shows that SmallIntegers are not really the same as any other objects :)

So may be you should evaluate if you want to patch all the places to see how much you lose in speed
and you get your lower bound. But may be this can be tedious.


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