[Vm-dev] Is SmallInteger a really too dangerous class?

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 20:16:29 UTC 2010

Hi folks. Sorry for the cross-post, I am not sure if it is image or vm

If I implement this:

SmallInteger >> initialize
    self addInstVarName: 'Zaraza'.

I have the error: 'SmallInteger cannot be changed'

This is because SmallInteger is in the ClassBuilder >> tooDangerousClasses
and the error is in ClassBuilder >> name: className inEnvironment: env
subclassOf: newSuper type: type instanceVariableNames: instVarString
classVariableNames: classVarString poolDictionaries: poolString category:
category unsafe: unsafe

Now....since this is Smalltalk, I can just comment something, continue, or
any other kind of hack so that I can add class variables to SmallInetger.
For my CompiledMethod proxies stuff, I am using SmallIntegers and I have
some crashes (one is due to a corrupt heap and Eliot said something about
sizes)...I wonder if this is related to this...So the question is:  is
really SMallInteger a too dangerous class so that it cannot be changed? not
even adding a class variable???  does the VM assume that the class
SmallInetger has a fixed size?  if true, where?

Thanks in advance

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