[Vm-dev] A Git-based VM sources repositories for you

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 07:00:45 UTC 2010

> Igor,
> Thanks for your initiative, and I expect a lively discussion moving forward ;)
> To the community at large,
> We have a wonderful mix of people participating in Squeak/Etoys/Phoro/Cuis
> and other projects, some of whom have be participating for many years, as well
> as many newer contributors. Regardless of how the VM(s) are managed in the
> future, I would ask that everyone with an interest in this please be respectful
> of the people who created the original work for our benefit. In particular,
> Andreas, Ian, John, and Eliot have contributed major VM development that
> they have made available to us with open source licenses, and Dan Ingalls'
> original portable VM is a remarkable piece of work from which we all are
> benefiting every day.
> So the meta-comment is: Let's all be respectful of the wishes of the original
> authors of these works.

sure now what were their wishes?
I missed a part why would this be contradictory to having a way that people can share 
their code?

> For those doing VM platform work, I would ask also that you take the time
> to read the various README and documention files to be found in the platforms
> sources, as these often contain guidance as to how the code should be managed,
> how contributions can most effectively be made to the original authors, and
> of course how to build the VM for each respective platform.
> Thanks everybody!
> Dave

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